One of the questions that many travelers ask themselves is where to stay on the Amalfi Coast , what is the ideal destination for the type of holiday you want to enjoy along the Divine Amalfi Coast? The Amalfi Coast, in fact, offers a variety of destinations, very different from each other, although all easily accessible, regardless of the place you stay.

The most important aspect is to identify the place that best suits your expectations, based on your travel style , the means of transport you choose to use to move along the coast and inland, the holiday style you are looking for, according to your inclinations and interests.
For this reason, choosing where to sleep on the Amalfi Coast is of fundamental importance for the success of the trip.

The ancient fishing village of Praiano , located between Conca dei Marini and Positano, is undoubtedly located in one of the most beautiful inlets of the Amalfi Coast, from which you have a 180 ° panoramic view of the coastline , from sunrise to sunset.

Recently the world famous magazine « Forbes » in an article entitled « Forget Positano: Praiano Is The Amalfi Coast Town To Visit This Summer«even suggests travelers to abandon the more obvious idea of Positano in favor of our village, just 9 km away from the most famous and glossy holiday resort chosen since the beginning of the last century as an icon of lifestyle and exclusivity. Forbes claims that the vantage point of Praiano on the Amalfi Coast is that it is « full of sleepy charm and local flavor that can sometimes be hard to find along the beaten paths of the Amalfi Coast

Dove dormire in costiera amalfitana
It is true, in Praiano the Amalfi Coast preserves its simple origin, out of the throng of chaotic and disordered tourism, more intimately connected with the rhythm of life of the local people – fishermen, families, children playing in the church squares, strolling on its terraces carved into the rock, where the vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub grows free, following its own nature, interspersed with small gardens and home gardens.

We can say that Praiano is the place of time, it is the place for time. Slowly the passage of the sun flows. Since dawn it peeps out over the sea behind the cliffs that hide Amalfi, the pearl of the history of our territory, until it plunges in the evening behind the Faraglioni of the island of Capri, as far as the view sweeps.

Let’s get to the crucial question …

Why choose Praiano as the place to stay on the Amalfi Coast?

The Praiano Belvedere

The immense explanade of the sea that goes from Punta Campanella to Capo di Conca.

Its name derives from the Latin “Plagianum” meaning “ open sea ”.

Praiano Costiera Amalfitana

Sea and Mountain

The perfect compromise for those who love both the sea and the mountains, in fact from Praiano it is possible to reach the Path of Gods , the nature trail most representative and evocative that connects Bomerano, a hamlet of Agerola – a small village at high altitude, on the hills of the Amalfi Coast – to Nocelle, a hamlet of Positano on the slopes of Mount Pertuso. </ p>

A spontaneous calm and intimacy

Despite being one of the most beautiful towns on the Amalfi Coast, unlike the others, it has retained its charm thanks to its unspoiled nature. A popular destination for those who want to rediscover a refined taste with grace and modesty, not shouted at.

A chat with the locals

If you wander around the town you can still meet fishermen and farmers who go about their daily lives while maintaining the authentic and traditional lifestyle that they are happy to transfert to anyone passing by, perhaps chatting in the square in the evening or at the bar sipping a local wine.

The beaches at your fingertips … and just one step away

Marina di Praia , the pebble beach, set under a high cliff on which stands a Saracen tower, the famous Torre a Mare. It is kissed by the sun in the central hours of the day and with our free shuttle service you can reach it in an instant from the hotel, but it is also the ideal destination for a morning or late afternoon walk

La Gavitella , the promenade that descends along the coast from the Duomo Square, between stairways and alleys, is a real combination that sets the body and the senses in motion. On the other side of the village, it offers tourists a wonderful view of Positano and Li Galli and Capri Islands. It is possible to admire beautiful sunsets until late, while the sun follows its slow and incessant way down towards the horizon.

Vivere il Mare amalfitano dal mare

Da Marina di Praia partono le barche per raggiungere Capri in giornata o per salpare per molti tour ed escursioni con tappe nei luoghi più emblematici della costa.

E’ possibile anche partire per delle escursioni alla scoperta dei luoghi più selvaggi della costa a bordo di kayak da mare per chi vuole dare un tocco sportivo e avventuroso alla propria vacanza.

E’ possibile noleggiare un’imbarcazione privata in autonomia, recandosi presso Marina di Praia dove si trovano gli uffici delle principali compagnia di charter nautico. Sono disponibili diverse tipologie di imbarcazione. Per imbarcazioni con motore fino a 40 cavalli è consentito il noleggio senza skipper. Da non perdere, un giro in barca cons skipper al tramonto per godere l’esperienza indimenticabile di un aperitivo in mezzo al mare.

Experience the Amalfi Sea from the sea

From Marina di Praia boats leave for daily cruises to Capri as well as for many tours and excursions with stops in the most iconic places on the coast. < / p>

It is also possible to get organized excursions to discover the wildest places on the coast by sea kayaks for those who want to give a sporty and adventurous touch to their holiday .

Finally, it is even possible to rent a private boat independently, by going to Marina di Praia where the offices of the main nautical charter companies are located. Different types of boats are available. For motor boats up to 40 horsepower, rental without a skipper is allowed. Don’t miss a boat ride with skipper at sunset to enjoy the unforgettable experience of an aperitif in the sea.

Noleggio imbarcazioni Praiano

Walks for all

Starting from Marina di Praia , you can go up along the small road carved into the rock until you reach the Tower, and then proceed along via Terramare, admiring the beautiful ceramic decorations that tell fantastic and mythological stories. The association « Progetto Naturarte » has suggests a series of itineraries created by some of the best local artists which are transforming the town of Praiano into a great art museum of widespread pottery, outdoors.

Praiano is also a mystical place that has kept its strong spiritual sense alive. An itinerary will lead you to the discovery of the historic Votive shrines , small altars scattered throughout the village that local families built for a twofold reason; to invoke and thanks for religious protection and to certify the exclusive right to live in a specific place as a prerogative of one or the other family.

One step away from the Fjord

Joined the Club of the most beautiful villages in Italy, it is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Terra Furoris, or Land of Furore, is the ancient name of this town that originates from the fury of the sea waters inside the Fjord.

And for the more daring, an angel’s flight suspended in the air allows you to cross the Fiordo di Furore from above through a modern Zip-line that descends towards the sea, just thanks to the force of gravity, between overhanging rocks and an exciting panorama, securely hooked to a special harness and a steel cable. </ p>

Fiordo di Furore

A terrace overlooking the sea

Praiano is a succession of terraces overlooking the sea that gradually descend to the cliffs. Ascents and descents reveal glimpses of architecture and nature that blend equally with each other.

Each restaurant will offer you traditional dishes and breathtaking views. Not to be missed are the Praiano-style squid and the potatoes with migliaccio.

Good Living and Good Eating

How to live well without eating well? And this is a guarantee in Praiano which over time has distinguished itself precisely for an excellent cuisine that prefers local products, sustainability of local agricultural and wine production, contemporary visions, but always preserving the authenticity of tradition and the quality of the raw materials.

And where you live well, eat well and spend the right amount.

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How to Reach Praiano
About 60 km from Naples, 35 km from Salerno, 25 km from Amalfi and 18 from Sorrento.
By car or motorbike, it can be reached via the state road 163 from both Salerno and Sorrento.
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The Amalfi Coast. An experience that remains in the mind and heart, made of sensations that you will love to remember and places you will not want to leave. Read our blog to discover all the secrets and wonders of your stay.


The word "end" on the Amalfi Coast could be eliminated from the vocabulary.
The end of the season? It doesn't exist, the beginning of the new season exists. Whether it's autumn, winter, spring or summer, here the sky and the sea never stop meeting in unison.
The end of the sea? It doesn't exist, the more you look at the horizon, the more its line seems to move forward and you can only try to imagine what lies beyond.
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One evening at sunset, on our terrace, the notes of jazz music dance in the air, joining the scent of the sea and the colors of the sky.
** 𝗧𝗛𝗨𝗥𝗦𝗗𝗔𝗬 𝟮𝟰 𝗚𝗜𝗨𝗚𝗡𝗢 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟭 **
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