In our hotel on the Amalfi Coast, pizza is obviously a specialty. It is a typical dish with a 400 year old history in Southern Italy and now exported all over the world.

At first they used to add olive oil, garlic and lard to a simple flatbread pizza to enhance its flavour and it was only with the arrival of the tomato into Europe that this simple food turned into one of the most appreciated dishes enjoyed all over the world.

And if the tomatoes’ arrival with the colonial trades of the XVII century had a very important role in the creation of this dish, the genius of our people was inventing the modern pizza, the one that we now know as Pizza Margherita, the classic one, topped with tomato and mozzarella.

Speaking of which, it is really important to mention the origin of its peculiar name which came about after Queen Margherita and King Umberto of Italy’s visit to Naples: pizza maker Raffaele Esposito cooked a special delicious pizza dedicated to the Queen adding oregano to it, in order for it to have the three colours of the Italian flag.

Since 1899 the pizza triumphed in America and in the Northern regions of our country thanks to the massive immigration of Southern Italian people, becoming a business and a symbol of Italy all over the world, interpreted, prepared and customized in the most creative ways.

For this reason, at the restaurant inside our hotel on the Amalfi coast we came up with a new version of the pizza: Gourmet Pizza. Far from claiming ourselves the only inventors of it, we tried to give it a unique touch thanks to a few ingredients after cooking in order to maintain their flavour.

We prepare the dough, we wait patiently for the necessary time for it to rise, we cook it in the wood oven and we add endives to every single slice – previously sauteed in the pan with essence of anchovy sauce, olives and capers – prepared with octopus and lemon peel, or with green chilli peppers, prawns and courgette flowers.

This and other Gourmet Pizzas represent our way of celebrating a typical Neapolitan dish on the Amalfi Coast. On Monday we also offer you a barbecue and live music to be enjoyed on a terrace under the stars and overlooking the sea!


Hotel Margherita Pizza Gourmet & Barbecue with Live Music
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