The itineraries of Praiano NaturArte

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The itineraries of Praiano NaturArte

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A holiday in Praiano combining art, nature and history

Part of the beauty of the Amalfi Coast lies in the itineraries that it provides to its visitors, paths and streets along the sea, which from the beach stretch out up to the coast, offering you a holiday in Praiano made of images and sensations that are difficult to describe with words.

From spring 2016 these itineraries have been enhanced even further by the project Praiano NaturArte, that has made them even more evocative by placing works of the major local artists along the way.

Located in the context and landscape of the town in such a way to evoke traditions, values and local legends, these potteries, paintings and sculptures form a real open air exhibition where nature and art meet to be enjoyed by everyone, out of the restricted space of a museum.

Walking around Praiano, enjoying her natural beauties, becomes even more appealing and it is not a coincidence that the eight itineraries involved in this project recall the amazing Park Güell by Antonio Gaudí.

Paolo Sandulli, Francesco Mao Mangieri, Patrizia Marchi and many others will guide you through a journey to discover Praiano, enhancing it and revealing the very soul of the place that you chose for your holidays!

Choose one of the itineraries of Praiano NaturArte, ask our staff for more information and get ready to walk through art, nature and history!


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