«You must be the change you wish to see in the world.» (Gandhi)


Hotel Margherita can really be considered an eco-friendly hotel on the Amalfi Coast!

The attention to the environment can be found in every small detail, and if a hotel is indeed a transitory home, we asked ourselves if it was possible to protect our Earth even more!

Is this possible?

eco-friendly hotel on the Amalfi Coast

Of course we can! Thanks to small actions and considered choices, very appreciated by our guests on holiday on the Amalfi Coast, we can really be an eco-friendly hotel!

The first step has been using a detergent respecting the environment, causing less pollution, both for the laundry (Cleprin) and the room cleaning (Kiel Eco).

We also decided to go for a 100% Green energy supply, thanks to the contract with Enel. It is the same clean energy making our electric car work, the zero-emission one you can use to explore the neighborhoods of our hotel in Praiano, that we also use to take you to the beach.

In 2018 we also added a free charging station for electric cars dedicated to the hybrid cars of our guests, a small action to invite to the Amalfi Coast all the people driving law-emission cars, keeping our air cleaner and your stay with us healthier.

Of course the sea and the healthy food can do a lot, but that’s not enough! We thought about it, and we decided to say no to plastic, or at least, reduce it!

We took plastic away from the minibar in our rooms, replacing it with aluminum, we promoted the free use of Tritan canteens, easily recyclable material, that is known to avoid the release of chemical substances in the water.

Doing this, we avoided using 12000 plastic bottles in our minibars, in a straight line the equivalent of 150 miles!

Then we focused on our bar area, deciding to change the plastic of our straws and glasses with compostable materials, that naturally transform into compost, industrially or organically.
And in the rooms of Hotel Margherita you can also find practical dispensers for shampoo and conditioner, in order to reduce even more the use of plastic, and eco-friendly certified towels!

The love for the environment, and ourselves, starts with small steps, don’t forget it!

Your eco-friendly vacation
on the Amalfi Coast
begins with Hotel Margherita!

Book now your room!

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