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Amalfi Coast Itineraries

How to reach the Amalfi Coast and visit it!

How to reach the Hotel Margherita and the Amalfi Coast. Some useful information to start on the right foot the holiday you have always dreamed of!

Margherita Little Pleasures

Wellness on the Amalfi Coast: the Five Star massage method at Hotel Margherita!

The Five Star massage comes again at the Hotel Margherita: outdoors, on a panoramic terrace, a real pleasure for our guests!

Delicious Food in Praiano Margherita’s Crew

A cooking class on the Amalfi Coast is a special event with Nonna Margherita!

Discover our cooking class on the Amalfi Coast! Grandma Margherita leads you through a fantastic culinary trip!

Margherita’s Crew

Our rooms’ caretaker: aunt Giulia, a very special housekeeper!

The rooms of the Hotel Margherita must always pass the quality control of Zia Giulia! Read the article to know more!

Travel Deals Amalfi Coast

Things to do in the Amalfi Coast after summer!

All the things to do in the Amalfi Coast during autumn! See what’s going on after the summer at the Hotel Margherita!

Amalfi Coast Itineraries

Holidays on the Amalfi Coast listening to the “sounds of the Gods”!

Your holidays on the Amalfi Coast and the Sounds of the Gods! Read more in our blog about this fantastic experience!

Praiano Rarities

From our hotel on the Amalfi Coast to the fires of San Domenico!

A unique event in Praiano: nights of lights and fires for San Domenico!

Amalfi Coast Itineraries Delicious Food in Praiano

Gastronomic Trekking on the Amalfi Coast. A must try experience.

Have you ever heard of Gastronomic Trekking? Discover it with us and live this unforgettable day on the Amalfi Coast!

Amalfi Coast Gems

Our hotel for the Festival of Ravello!

From April to October one of the most important summer event comes alive on the Amalfi Coast! Read more!

Margherita Little Pleasures

A real eco-friendly hotel on the Amalfi Coast!

For some years now, we have chosen to protect the environment with some small actions and services that we want to introduce you to today!



The Amalfi Coast. An experience that remains in the mind and heart, made of sensations that you will love to remember and places you will not want to leave. Read our blog to discover all the secrets and wonders of your stay.


Colour magic in darker times 💙
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Al buio segue sempre la luce e l’oggi è già ieri. La bellezza delle nostre terre non muta mai.
In the dark the light always follow and today is already yesterday. The beauty of our lands never changes.
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Imagination creates reality, said Richard Wagner.
And that’s what we must do in this particular time of history. Travel with our imagination to those corners of the world that make us happy. Use your good vibes mode to imagine your next destination, next adventures, friends you’ll share your happiness with.
Let’s keep on thinking of the good things in life, and soon they will become again our reality.
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L'immaginazione crea la nostra realtà, affermò Richard Wagner.
Ed è quello che dobbiamo fare in questo particolare momento della storia. Viaggiamo con la nostra immaginazione in quegli angoli del mondo che ci rendono felici. Cerchiamo di focalizzarci solo su pensieri positivi e magari immaginare la nostra prossima destinazione di viaggio, le prossime avventure, gli amici con cui condividere la nostra felicità.
Continuiamo a pensare alle cose belle della vita e sicuramente presto torneranno ad essere la nostra realtà.
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