The workshop of Torre Assiola, a few minutes away from Hotel Margherita

Italy is made of art. In the most remote corner of every single city, town or village lives an artist with a story to be told on a thousand canvases and sculptures and to be shown to the world, creations and creatures of curious and talented souls.

Paolo Sandulli has been living for more than twenty years in Praiano, a few minutes away from our hotel with a view of the sea. His terracotta works and his sculptures are part of private collections in Italy and abroad, and so are his paintings, that led him to study and work with great teachers in Naples, Rome and Paris.

Meeting him and admiring his work is a unique experience, starting from the evocative venue where his atelier is located, inside probably the most beautiful tower on the entire Amalfi Coast: Torre Assiola, built by Carlo d’Angiò in 1278 to hide from the Saracen invasions.

In this place, which seems to strive to touch the blue sea and sky, time often stops and silence offers inspiration. Sandulli shapes, creates and transmits emotions through peculiar feminine busts in terracotta, whose heads are ironically decorated by hair made with sea sponges. Every one of these sculptures has its own name, personality and a personal biography created out of an accurate inner search!

Life close to the sea represents an essential element in Sandulli’s work, celebrated and preserved in his memory by sketches, portraits and sculptures of the old fishermen of the Amalfi Coast, real artists of fishing and free men that had the privilege to work and live close to nature.

We strongly recommend you book a visit to the atelier Paolo Sandulli, you will meet a master of art and his philosophy, that will tell you the importance and the value of making time for knowing, feeing and learning, a precious gift, very far removed from material goods and wealth.

During the meeting you will also have the privilege of entering the Torre Assiola and to buy or to order, if you want, unique and beautiful creations.

Write us for more info: info@hotelmargherita.info

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