Visit to the Valentì laboratory: a tasting of the typical products of the Amalfi Coast!

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Wine tour on the Amalfi Coast: visit Cantine Marisa Cuomo in Furore!

From the Hotel Margherita to the Cantine Marisa Cuomo in Furore:
an exclusive food and wine tour on the Amalfi Coast!

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Gourmet pizza in our hotel on the Amalfi coast

In our hotel on the Amalfi Coast, pizza is obviously a specialty. It is a typical dish with a 400 year old history in Southern Italy and now exported all over the world.

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The Amalfi coast’s cuisine

Irresistible flavours: Sauce with Essence of Anchovy

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The video recipe by Chef Giulio Coppola!

Delicacies from the Amalfi coast: Pasta and Potatoes with Praiano Squid

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Lemon. A treasure from our land.

On the Amalfi Coast farmers fly!

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Über das Blog

The Amalfi Coast. An experience that remains in the mind and heart, made of sensations that you will love to remember and places you will not want to leave. Read our blog to discover all the secrets and wonders of your stay.


Our Top Selection

Wellness on the Amalfi Coast: the Five Star massage method at Hotel Margherita!

The Five Star massage comes again at the Hotel Margherita: outdoors, on a panoramic terrace, a real pleasure for our guests!

Our rooms’ caretaker: aunt Giulia, a very special housekeeper!

The rooms of the Hotel Margherita must always pass the quality control of aunt Giulia! Read the article to know more!

A real eco-friendly hotel on the Amalfi Coast!

Read the new article from our Amalfi Coast Tales blog and discover why our hotel is an Eco-friendly hotel!


As guest of Hotel Margherita, live a unique experience: Capri’s tour by a traditional boat of the Amalfi Coast!

Open Dates Deal: a flexible rate that protects your money!

The new flexible rate by Hotel Margherita that secures your money against any kind of event!

Editor’s Picks

Wellness Offer for Couples on the Amalfi Coast

Our Wellness Offer for couples on the Amalfi Coast is a regenerating travel experience for two, awaiting for you in September and October at the Hotel Margherita Amalfi Coast in Praiano. Relaxing becomes even more special if you do it in two and for this reason we thought that the Amalfi Coast in autumn is […]

A cooking class on the Amalfi Coast is a special event with Nonna Margherita!

Discover our cooking class on the Amalfi Coast! Grandma Margherita leads you through a fantastic culinary trip!  

Holidays on the Amalfi Coast listening to the “sounds of the Gods”!

Spending the Holidays on the Amalfi Coast gives you the opportunity of an emotional moment, guests of the Hotel Margherita of Praiano, where you are protagonist. It is well known that walking on the Path of the Gods is a must during your travels on the Amalfi Coast, what you probably don’t know is that […]


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