Fiordo of Furore. A romantic experience to share with your loved ones.

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Among the 4 star hotels in Praiano overlooking the sea, Hotel Margherita is located less than five kilometers from Fiordo di Furore, one of the most romantic places on the whole Amalfi Coast.

It was here that, after the war, director Roberto Rossellini and actress Anna Magnani filmed L’Amore together and enacted the final part of an unforgettable love story, which is still vivid in the memory of many italians up to these days.

And when love is the main reason for a holiday, which better place to stay than Praiano?

After the summer, sunrises are even more intense and a peaceful atmosphere creates emotions that you will want to talk about, write and dedicate to the person you love.

Fiordo di Furore is the sea edging up the coast, amongst wild nature and moored fishing boats, a small corner of paradise surrounded by olive trees, vineyards and lemons, just waiting for you to arrive.

4 star hotel in Praiano

While thoughts and feelings arise at the sight of such an evocative place, we discovered that the fiord was once connected to the centre of Furore, a town that, back then, could be reached from the sea and up the hill through an intricate route connecting sailors and farmers, water and earth.

Today, the wonderful Furore – world heritage site by Unesco in 1997 and one of the most beautiful historical hamlets in Italy – can only be reached by car, and you can get to the small beach of the fiord from the main street (SS 163 „Amalfitana“) through a path carved into the rock.

Yet there is another solution.
An experience that we suggest trying: getting to the fiord by kayak, from the beach of Marina di Furore!

Along enchanting beaches and spectacular coves, you will spend a day on the sea, navigating and swimming in clear waters. Admiring the Amalfi Coast from a privileged position, you will shortly reach your love nest: Fiordo di Furore.

Once you have arrived, you will understand why your September on the Amalfi Coast is draped in the colours of love and it will amaze you and move you with emotions and feelings that won’t fade away at the end of summer, feelings that are linked to the history, the nature and the landscapes of our region.

A love story is made of unforgettable experiences.
Write us to arrange your visit to Fiordo di Furore as guests of our 4 star hotel in Praiano on the Amalfi Coast

Picture by donchili | From Flickr.com © Creative Commons

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